The Faithful Prepper

207 East Elm Street, Noble, Oklahoma 73068
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We keep a good variety of new, used and consignment firearms in stock.  New firearms not in current inventory can often be shipped in overnight.  We carry a full line of parts, gear and gadgets for your AR-15, including: Ammunition Storage Components (ASC), LBE Unlimited, Magpul Industries, UTG/Leapers, Yankee Hill Machine Co, Inc. (YHM), and more!  As an additional service, we install all AR-15 components purchased from us at no additional charge.  Our primary firearm brands include Century Arms, International (CAI); Glock; Henry Repeating Arms; Mossberg; Savage Arms Company; and Surplus Ammo and Arms (SAA).  We can also provide your choice of optics or iron-sights for your firearm.  We strive to keep EOTech, Bushnell and other brands in stock.  A variety of firearms training options are available (i.e. conceal carry (CCW), long range rifle, and tactical fighting pistol/carbine), inquire for more information.  Give us the opportunity to earn your business, we are willing to do the hard work and provide the level of customer service required to be your one-stop firearm shop.


Do you feel the need to have personal ballistic protection in an increasingly violent world?  Body armor options are growing daily.  We offer a full line of ballistic protection ranging from affordable AR-500 steel plates to military spec. vests, tactical chest rigs/plate carriers and high-end, light weight concealable armor.  The brands that are available in stock include: Armour Wear, Bullet Safe and more. If your needs do not include ballistic protection, we provide a full line of tactical gear by Condor Outdoor, Rothco, Tac Pro Gear and the list continues to grow.  We can also provide your shooting sports protective equipment and accessories from companies such as Remington, SUREFIRE, Wiley-X and more.  At TFP, we carry a large variety of other items such as: night-vision, thermal imaging, tactical lights, lasers, rifle slings, communication equipment, and more.  If you have any questions or are purchasing for a department or organization, please contact us.  Demonstrations are available upon request.


Our goal is to help Oklahoma families and communities to be more self-reliant.  Oklahoma weather and other natural disasters happen, and it is important for everyone to be prepared for the unthinkable. We carry everything you need to fill your bug-out bag, every-day carry (EDC), and emergency shelter kits.  These products include, but are not limited to: an extensive inventory of first aid supplies and educational material.  We also carry a variety of fire starting, orienteering, emergency shelters, and water filtration/purification supplies.  When you are in an emergency situation, proper nutrition is vital.  At TFP we provide a large selection of Millennial food bars, Mountain House freeze dried foods, SOS ration bars and more.  Knives are also an important tool for outdoor recreation, Bushcraft, hunting and survival.  We stock a large inventory of Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), Ka-Bar, Mora and Cold Steel blades.  Being prepared does not stop once all your supplies are purchased; therefore, we offer a multitude of educational opportunities.  Class topics include reloading, preparing on a budget, survival using every day products, and how to prepare your own first aid supplies.  Our instructors are willing to travel, please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like for us to tailor a class for your group or organization.